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by | Nov 26, 2022

    how do i use the online build your own topper product?

    It’s super easy to use! Simply follow the steps below and we will create your very own custom made cake topper!

    select your layer

    A single layer topper is cut out from one single piece of acrylic or timber.

    A double layer topper is a backing cut from one piece of acrylic with text on top of this backing in a different colour.


    If you wish for your topper to poke into the top of your cake, select a spike. If you wish for it to be placed on the front of your cake, select no spike.

    A topper with no spike is often called a cake charm.

    select your colours

    If you choose a double layer topper, be sure to select both your backing and text colours!

    If you choose a single layer topper, select N/A for your base colour and select your text colour as usual.

    Click here to view our colour chart!

    Add graphics

    This is a way to add icons or logos! Simply select yes and upload your logo/icon in the upload box below.

    These custom toppers had the stickman, New World logo and a can of baked beans!

    proof required

    A proof of your design does not automatically show on the site. Select Yes if you would like to see a proof of the design before we make it. This will be emailed to you after your order. *Please note, a proof is not always emailed the same day.


    Enter the text you wish to have on your topper. Also enter any other details here such as placement, font choices if you prefer to mix two fonts. Enter any other details here.

    upload image/files

    This is the area where you can upload any inspo images or logos. You can only upload one image so if you would like more than one, feel free to email us at info@houseoflaser.co.nz with your order number.

    choose your font

    Choose your preferred font. If you wish to use more than one font, please let us know in the topper text box above. We will make to your specifications!

    Tip: Scroll down the page to view more of each font.
    Click the + button on the right hand side to open each font box.

    finishing up

    That’s it! Scroll back and double check all your details to make sure they are exactly how you want your topper to be! If you selected yes to a proof, keep an eye on your inbox for this. Remember to keep an eye on your spam/junk box as sometimes they can end up in there!

    If you have any questions at all, please dont hesitate to email us info@houseoflaser.co.nz or fill out the contact us form