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Keep the Magic Alive!

by | Jul 27, 2023

How to care for your cake toppers.

Hey there, party people! Are you all about that cake-topping game? You know, those fabulous acrylic cake toppers that make your sweet treats pop with pizzazz! Well, to keep the magic alive and kicking, we’ve got some awesome tips on how to care for those little beauties. Let’s dive in:

1. Handle with Care:

Treat your toppers like the delicate unicorns they are! Be gentle when taking them off the cake – no tugging or twisting, please. Slide ’em off gracefully!

2. Showers of Love (and Water):

After the cakey fun, give ’em a little TLC. A soft, damp cloth will do the trick. No need for harsh chemicals – a dash of dish soap in water works like magic!

3. Acrylic Apartments:

Got a spare drawer or a cute little box? That’s the perfect home for your toppers. Store those fabulous acrylic cake toppers flat in their cozy original packaging! It’s like tucking them in for a sweet slumber party.

4. Stay Cool, Toppers:

Your acrylic stars aren’t fans of extreme heat. Keep them away from Mr. Sun and his fiery friends, and they’ll keep their cool!

5. Fondant Friends:

When they’re on cake duty, give your toppers a fondant or gumpaste base to hang out with. Food-safe buddies only!

6. Road Trip Ready:

Taking your cake masterpiece on a journey? Secure your topper in a safe, separate box. No rough rides, please – they’re sensitive souls!

7. Spot the Flaws:

Give your toppers a little check-up every now and then. Any cracks or chips? Don’t fret, just fix ’em up pronto! So there you have it, cake topper connoisseurs! With these tips, your acrylic wonders will keep sparkling on top of your cakes for all your shindigs. Party on!