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Christmas Tree Embosser


The “Christmas Tree” cookie embosser creates stunning patterns for your cookies. These embossers help to create consistency with cookies (save all that hand piping!)


Simply press the embosser into your icing and roll with a rolling pin to ensure an even coverage. Made from clear acrylic, they are easy to see through!


Made on an 8.5cm square of clear acrylic so suitable for most standard size cookie cutters – be it round, square, hex, heart!


This embosser is made from food grade acrylic and is reusable. After use, wash with warm soapy water and leave to dry thoroughly. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean it as this will affect the surface of your embosser. Store your embosser flat and in a dry place.


House Of Laser cookie embossers are designed and made in NZ.



Most suitable for cookies from 6 to 8cm

The cookie embosser is 8.5cm x 8.5cm square. 


Please contact us if you require a custom made cookie embosser – whether its a name, logo or special design, we can make the perfect embosser just for you!


Tag us in your cookie creations with your new embosser! @house.of.laser.nz