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Doll Style Charms


Female Doll Male Doll Beach Umbrella Denim Jacket Bow Swimsuit Roller Blades Cowboy Hat Barbie Car Guitar Dress Daisy (with white layered centre) +$1.00 Hat (with white layered ribbon detail) +$1.00

Add a doll cake charm to any cake!  Whether its a cupcake, a letter or number cake or a mini cake!  These small charms are a great way to personalise any treats and are a great keepsake.

Each charm measures approx 6cm wide/high.

The daisy and sunhat both feature layered detailing which will be supplied in white. If you wish for these to be a different colour, please leave a note in checkout.

Made from 3mm acrylic or 4mm timber.  Not suitable for human consumption.